100% Gluten Free Restaurant App

Traveling Toon App was created to assist celiac/coeliac disease suffers to connect with dedicated gluten free restaurants who have established a safe environment to dine. 

This app is amongst the first to list only 100% gluten free establishments. The goal with this is to provide a safe place to eat while you travel. 

My mission is to continue to connect these amazing establishments with you and to help them thrive and survive while also helping you eat safely. 

Users appreciate that this app is free with no costly subscriptions that keep these amazing businesses under lock and key. 

I Sinead the creator of this app, is dedicated to the quality of the information at time of posting.  Please always double check before dining that they have not changed their 100% GF commitment.

Whats the catch? I do offer an in person Gluten Free Walking Tour in New York city (Link Here) that I advertise on the app, all profits go back into server and running costs of the website and apps on google play and IOS platforms. 

Our App Is Free No Annoying Subscriptions


Join us on this mouth watering food tour of Manhattan. Where you will sample scrumptious food while enjoying the sites of Central Park. If you are living with celiac ~ coeliac disease a gluten free diet is 100% essential. 

This tour is a must as we take you to a selection of establishments that offer delicious gluten free food. On our walk we will also point out notable landmark sites through Central Park. At the end of each tour we will direct you to other havens that you must visit during your stay for a yummy gluten free travel experience. 

USA Residents:
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