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    I was so happy to find Gluten Free rum, I got very excited and bought a bottle to drink as I hung the decorations on the Christmas Tree. I felt my face burning up and an uneasy feeling that maybe their might be traces of gluten in this heavenly drink.  I personally can’t do distilled alcohol, the traces of gluten get me every time.  


    The next day I reached out to the company hoping they could give me some insight on why their gluten free product made me sick.  I was hoping that they would say it is 100% gluten free but they thankfully they told me the truth.  

    They shared their expert analysis of gluten in their rum performed by the University of Nebraska Lincoln.  As you may know to call a product “gluten free” the result has to be lower than 20 PPM. (this still makes me sick). The results was 10 ppm.  This tiny amount of gluten was enough to upset my immune system.  

    I personally can only do white wine and tequila, this leaves very little to choose from.  Wine can be an issue if the oak barrels are sealed with a flour paste.  I look for wines that are made in steel vats and as for tequila, I rarely find myself drinking this. 

  • What we have found to be 100% Gluten Free

    is Cupcake Prosecco.

    Find it!